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  • Safety Shoes – 8 Ways They Protect You

    1. Protect from Falling & Flying Objects When workers carry heavy materials or work in dynamic environments where many people, machines and vehicles are operating at once, falling and flying objects are common hazards. Protective shoes like steel toe boots can effectively prevent crushing inj...
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  • Types of Sport Shoes

    Sport Shoes can vary in design, material, and weight. Running, training, and walking shoes, including shoes for hiking, jogging, and exercise walking. Court sport shoes, including shoes for tennis, basketball, and volleyball. Most court sports require the body to move forward, backward, and side...
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  • How to Buy Safety Shoes

    When buying safety shoes or boots, the first thing to keep in mind is that not all shoes are sized the same. So many people are adamant that they will only wear one size and there is no possible way that any other size will fit their foot. Different manufacturers size their boots and shoes to dif...
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